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Post Grad

US Elite Basketball has designed a national post grad basketball program for student-athletes who desire an additional year of maturity and development physically, emotionally and mentally prior to college.

We’re changing the landscape of post grad basketball with our “Best Practice” program that is ideally suited for the student-athletes who need the ‘gap’ year for any of the following reasons:

  • Their high school recruitment was hindered by the college transfer portal
  • A pending scholarship in the next high school graduating class
  • Need to get stronger, more athletic/explosive and develop skills
  • Need to showcase talent in a different position
  • Need visibility on a more competitive platform to showcase talent

Our US Elite Basketball “Best Practice” post grad program is housed on a college campus that will introduce the student-athletes to a college environment with official college -level courses (credit and/or non credit hours) that will allow a seamless transition to college life with a minimum of six (6) college credits.

This includes daily skill and player development workouts and a structured 10-month game schedule for maximum college exposure.

The post grad program officially begins in June 2023.  We will accept registrations beginning March 1, 2023 on the link below.


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