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The US Elite Basketball’s Post Grad Program is designed to provide aspiring student-athletes a unique opportunity to develop their skills, gain exposure, and strengthen their college basketball prospects. Our Post Grad Program is tailored to address the needs and challenges faced by young athletes, particularly in light of recent events, and to empower them to make the most of their potential. Here are the top six reasons why the US Elite Basketball’s Post Grad Program is the right choice for you:

  1. Preserve College Eligibility

Our program allows you to commit to a full season of strength training, skill development, and competitive basketball without losing a year of college eligibility. This ensures you can maximize your potential while keeping your options open for future collegiate opportunities.

  1. Enhance Exposure

If you believe you have the talent to play college basketball but have not yet gained the exposure or interest you deserve, our program offers the platform you need to showcase your skills and get noticed by college coaches and recruiters.

  1. Navigate the College Portal

Recent NCAA regulations have granted current senior athletes an extra year of eligibility, which has reduced the roster spaces typically available for incoming freshmen. Our Post Grad Program helps you stay competitive and relevant in this changing landscape.

  1. Regain a Lost Year

For those who have lost a high school season to Covid-19 and wish to make up for that lost time before entering college, our program provides the ideal environment to regain that year and further develop your skills, strength, and confidence.

  1. Scholarship Opportunities

If you have a school interested in you, but there won’t be any scholarships available until the following season, our Post Grad Program enables you to stay active, competitive, and prepared to seize that opportunity when it arises.

  1. Optimize Your College Basketball Prospects

Above all, our Post Grad Program is designed to give you the best chance of achieving your dream of playing basketball at the college level. With our expert coaching, professional resources, and dedicated support, we will help you reach your full potential and make your aspirations a reality.

Don’t let anything hold you back from reaching your dreams. Join the US Elite Basketball’s Post Grad Program today and take the first step toward a brighter and more successful future in college basketball.


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