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Post Grad Services

The US Basketball Elite Post Grad program provides training facilities, housing, academics, and various program features. We aim to provide our student-athletes with the best possible environment to succeed both on and off the court.

  1. Home Gym: Barber-Scotia College and Lab City Sports Facility

Our Post Grad Program is based at two top-notch facilities: Barber-Scotia College and Lab City Sports Facility. These premier venues provide our student-athletes with access to professional-grade basketball courts, cutting-edge training equipment, and the perfect environment for developing their skills and enhancing their performance.

  1. Housing: In the Honors Dorms next to the gym on the Barber-Scotia College campus

Our student-athletes reside in the Honors Dorms, conveniently located next to the gym on the Barber-Scotia College campus. These modern dormitories offer comfortable and secure accommodation with all the amenities needed to support a well-rounded student-athlete experience.

  1. Academics: Earn up to 6 College Credits

We understand the importance of balancing academics and athletics. As part of our Post Grad Program, every student-athlete is required to take three college credits at Barber-Scotia College per semester. This allows them to leave our program with up to 6 college credits, giving them a head start in their collegiate academic career.

  1. Outstanding Skill Development by Player Development Team

Our Player Development Team consists of experienced coaches and trainers who are dedicated to helping our student-athletes reach their full potential. Our comprehensive skill development program focuses on individual skills, team dynamics, and mental conditioning to ensure continuous improvement and growth.

  1. Strength and Conditioning Daily

A key aspect of our Post Grad Program is our daily strength and conditioning sessions. These workouts are designed to help our student-athletes develop their physical attributes, improve their overall athletic performance, and reduce the risk of injuries.

  1. The Commuter Program: Part-time Employment and Stays at Home

We recognize the diverse needs of our student-athletes and offer a commuter program that allows for part-time employment and staying at home. This flexibility enables our participants to balance their basketball commitments with work and family life.

  1. A Highly Competitive Postgrad/Prep Game Schedule

Our Post Grad Program features a highly competitive game schedule that exposes our student-athletes to top-level competition from across the nation. This experience not only challenges our players to perform at their best but also provides them with valuable exposure to college coaches and scouts.

  1. College Coaches at Practice and Games

Our program is committed to helping our student-athletes gain the attention of college coaches. We guarantee the presence of college coaches at our practices and games, giving our players the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and talent in front of the decision-makers who can help shape their collegiate careers.

Join the US Elite Basketball’s Post Grad Program and experience a world-class environment that nurtures your growth as a student-athlete, equips you with valuable college credits, and provides you with the exposure needed to excel at the collegiate level.


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